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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A Shock Resignation

The first major resignation of the Rupiah Banda Administration comes from one of his most strident public supporters - Minister Mpombo has resigned from both his position in Government and as Chairman for energy within MMD. Apparently he resigned without informing the MMD National Secretary. Excerpt from Reuters:
Zambia's defence minister resigned for personal reasons on Tuesday and criticised the ruling party for attempting to block aspiring candidates from challenging President Rupiah Banda at a convention next year. "The decision to resign has been made after making wide consultations with my family members, it's purely for personal reasons," George Mpombo told journalists in Ndola.

He said he wanted to concentrate on tackling environmental issues in his rural constituency in northern Zambia. Mpombo, who also quit as chairman of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy's energy committee, criticised the party's decision to bar other candidates from contesting the party's top post at its convention next year, saying it was against democratic principles.

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  1. DRB rules out power vacuums
    PRESIDENT Banda says no vacuums will be permitted in Government positions even when some people leave because there are always others willing to fill the vacancies.
    Mr Banda said this at State House yesterday when he swore in former Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Gladys Lundwe as the new Minister of Lands.
    “May I take this opportunity to say that what has happened in your particular case is proof that no vacuum will be permitted, or rather, vacuums are not permitted in life even in Government. There is always someone willing and perhaps even better than the one who leaves,” he said.
    The President advised Ms Lundwe against being overwhelmed with her new appointment because there is no-one who was born Cabinet minister, but they rose through ranks because of their ability to work with other people.
    Mr Banda said he decided to promote Ms Lundwe as cabinet minister because of her willingness to work with other people.
    The President said he worked with Ms Lundwe as his Deputy Minister when he was Vice-President during which time he noticed that her biggest quality is her ability to work with other people.
    “I worked with you and I am able to say this to the country that your biggest quality is your ability to work with others; your willingness to work with others and the Government is all about working together,” he said.
    Mr Banda told Ms Lundwe to continue being loyal to others because no-one was born a specialist in the field they currently hold.
    He said people in high offices reached the positions because of their willingness to work with others.
    Mr Banda said he does not doubt that Ms Lundwe will be able to deliver in her new portfolio because she is a good member of Parliament who will make a good Cabinet minister.
    He said Ms Lundwe has always been loyal to the ruling party, the government and the President and urged her to continue with the same spirit.
    The President said he was grateful that Ms Lundwe accepted to take up her new appointment when he spoke to her on telephone and wished her the best.
    Mr Banda urged Ms Lundwe to be a good Minister of Lands, just like her predecessors.
    He said all other ministers and secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja will be there to work with her and help her to quickly settle down.
    Mr Banda said the most important task in Government is to deliver on the promises made and urged Ms Lundwe to ensure that the funds allocated to projects in her ministry are disbursed as quickly as possible.


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