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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Weekend Read (Mozambique Investment Climate)

A new World Bank report lauched jointly with Government of Mozambique - Investment Climate Assessment (ICA) Report. The report's main objective is to develop a better understanding of the constraints to investment and of the key elements affecting productivity.


  1. Well I had a comment, but even after I broke it in half it still wasn't what now rates as the proper size for any comment on any issue. So I must ask, is there a better host for our content? One that has not apparently shifted revenue models from one that encourages all participation, to only that participation which is most inexpensive to deliver? If I must keep my comments short, then I can guarantee that every single one will contain a complaint about and their attempts to become the hated Starbucks of the blogosphere. Surely there are smaller companies who still see value in content that isn't mere soundbites, or worse, 140-character "twitters".

    So no, there is no content in this comment. None whatsoever, other than my anger at the pencil pushing bureaucrat who thought that his company could save a few pennies by making my life more difficult. I say NO! This company relies on ME and YOU for its lifeblood. I had four perfectly good paragraphs, and was willing to break the piece into two convenient parts for the sake of packet-space (or whatever unit of transmission they are trying to save money on by getting us to conform to), but no, not good enough, my paragraphs are not even, and so do not conform.

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  2. Yakima,

    I share your frustration.

    I am told that there is a flaw in Blogger comment code, that makes the deletion process abort, with large comments. Spammers were exploiting this flaw, to create undeletable comments. Blogger is protecting us from undeletable spam comments, by preventing long comments.

    See :

    In the meantime, I propose that where you have a long post, please feel free to send it to me and we will upload it as a separate "guest blog"...and then we can URL it back to the discussion if necessary.

    In terms of going forward, whilst we value the "technical protection" Blogger provides, the vision as articulated below is for a self standing website which will provide scope for more creative freedom for many of guest bloggers.

  3. Thanks for that explanation Cho, it is understandable that they have chosen to err on the side of greater security and less spam. Such a shame that some humans have such low regard for their fellows that they engage in spamming and other wasteful behaviours, requiring resources to be diverted from otherwise productive activities in order to counter their parasitical lifestyles. No doubt we will all have to continue to adapt to whatever bit of selfishly motivated cleverness they come up with next. I think that the "future vision" which you describe is quite exciting and worthwhile, although in the case of the latest spammer tricks, we are likely to face the same technical hurdles as Blogger does. To insert advertising where it doesn't belong in order to exploit someone else's bandwidth and popularity is bad enough, but people have done worse to feed their families. To intentionally make the spam undeletable is just plain mean.

    Thanks again for the clarification, and sorry for spouting off without knowing the background. has been a good host and deserves more credit than I gave them.

  4. Yakima,

    Thats okay!

    At one level of course Blogger offers a "free service", but its our usage that makes them the most valuable company on the web!

    I have got wind that they are updating their templates over the summer to bring them into a "modern age". Depending on how that pans we may not need to substantially relocate. A few tweaks would ensure that the vision previously articulated can be fulfilled without abandoning Blogger's technical support.


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