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Saturday, 11 July 2009

ZDA Spotlight : June 2009

The latest edition of the ZDA Spotlight :
ZDA Spotlight - June 2009


  1. Im new to this site but so far I think its among the best Ive seen for our Zambia. Im a Development Planner Student and Public Health Practitioner, I want to get involved...

  2. Welcome echilesche07, I am curious as to which areas of development planning you find yourself most attracted? There are certainly plenty of areas requiring development in a wide variety of ways, so no doubt anything which you are learning that is of interest to you is likely also of use to someone else. Please do share your input with us.

    On an unrelated note, I saw on page 2 of the report that MAN Ferrostaal AG of Germany ( ) has entered into an MoU to acquire 150,000 hectares of land for jatropha cultivation and biodiesel processing. Looks like more of the same mass plantation strategy that has had dubious results in Southeast Asia, but at least the German presence means that the Chinese will have some competition. This particular company seems to be pretty strong on "green" energy projects in a variety of countries, and might be persuaded to further invest in solar-thermal or wind power installations if cost recovery tariffs and/or carbon credits can be negotiated. It looks like a portion of the alternative energy industry is indeed coming to Zambia in spite of the recession.


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