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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Admin Issues (Repairs)

We are undertaking repairs to the Zambian Economist and House of Chiefs over the next day or so. The aim is to make the templates much cleaner. This may be slight disrupt the look of the website, but hopefully it will be kept to the minimum. Hope you can bear with us, and continue to chat away!

We also proposing to limit the posts that appear upfront. Readers in Zambia have noted that because internet access is generally slow our many pages upfront makes the the website load extremely slow. I welcome your thoughts and ideas on this.


  1. Cho,

    Just curious, how many visitors do you get to this website every day?

  2. Kafue,

    Depends on the source and METRIC!

    Website outlook...has us at around 700+ page views

    with the site "valued" over $3100

    Google Analytics has us around 500 or thereabouts UNIQUE visits per day

    House of Chiefs is also coming up very well in visits...

    Twitter has helped enormously...and of course came mentions from the Guardian to the Post are helping!!

    You might also want to see this :

  3. can I forgot Jon Snow who has linked to us!!!!!


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