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Friday, 14 August 2009

Africa - China : friends or foes?

The Asian Drivers Programme, studies the complex links between China and Africa.


  1. We continue to see countries as neo-colonists...not just China, but Brazil also. These countries do not want to get involved in politics and aiding the indigenous population improve their quality of life, but reap the resources to help their own quality of life. B.C Smith (Understanding Third World Politics) states it best with his observation of Africa post-European colonization in this theory of Underdevelopment “Underdevelopment refers to a continuing relationship of exploitation where at any one level in the chain the full economic surplus is not available for reinvestment. It is removed, ultimately accumulating in the metropolitan centers (abroad)…such ties hold the peripheral economy and society back….consequently, backwardness arises from the subordination of poor countries to the development of today’s rich countries.”

  2. To say that"backwardness arises from the subordination of poor countries to today's rich countries" is an obvious non-sequitur. Poverty implies backwardness.

    Few of us like to admit that we have learnt from foreigners. No doubt the British hated the Roman and Norman conquerors, who 'exploited' them. But they gained greatly in 'development'.


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