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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Another day, another party, 3rd Edition

Yet another party due to be announced in Zambia. The new party shall be known as the Zambia African National Congress. Like the recently re-incarnated UPP, the soon to be lauched ZANC is also calling to the past for inspiration. Whatever one thinks about these parties, what is clear is that Zambians are not satisfied with the status quo. I only wish that we did not all see "politics" as the only way to effect change for the better. Unfortunately when the constitution is built round with excessive powers for the Executive branch, we can't blame others if they saw getting the foot in the Executive as the best way to improve Zambia, can we?


  1. Who is behind this party? More parties just increase the chances of an MMD victory in 2011.
    The PANEL

  2. I have no idea!

    I simply received the request to bring it to the attention of everyone.


  3. I think they are very disappointing. They call themselves 'social democratic', but they espouse neoliberal economics - not unlike Tony Blair's Neo Labour Party. On the economy, they say:

    Total and unconditional refusal of protectionist policies. It is a tit-for-tat situation. If tariffs are put on imported goods then tariffs are to be put on exported goods.

    Which already is the case. There are huge trade tariffs protecting for instance agriculture in the EU, and protections and tariffs in Japan, Korea and of course China.

    The indisputable fact is that, without Africa's substantial raw materials, the world would run low in manufactured export goods. There should be no tax-free raw materials. With a stable one currency in Africa, Africa shall be able to trade at an equal footing with those who need her products.

    On the one hand, they complain that Zambia is only exporting raw materials, on the other they refuse to protect domestic manufacturers.

    I agree that there should be taxes on raw materials, but if Zambia's manufacturers are going to develop, they cannot be outcompeted by established foreign manufacturers.

    That is China's approach too.


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