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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Constraints on rural education , 3rd Edition

We have previously discussed housing accommodation as a constraint to rural education (see here) . This extract via ZANIS from Zambezi puts the issues in perspective :
Head teacher Samuel Nalubutu told ZANIS in an interview that the school was upgraded to grade eight (8 and 9) in 2002 and has 205 boys and 176 girl pupils, bringing the total number to 381 pupils. Nalubutu appealed to the government and the area member of Parliament(MP) Mr. Charles Kakoma to source for funding from well wishers, since the money they received from the government some years back was utilized on one block, a resource centre and since then no funding has been forth coming. He urged the government to help them build better and permanent houses , unlike the current scenario where a 1 by 2 classroom block is made aof mud and a roof made of grass, furthermore, he called on the government to send teachers with diplomas to the school. "Some teachers ramshackles collapse every rain season" said Mr. Nalubutu. And the school only has fifty (50) desks against 381 pupils. Undoubtedly, the gloom scenario calls for swift action from the government.

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