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Friday, 7 August 2009

Corruption Watch (Ministry of Health) Update

ZANIS are reporting more on the Ministry of Health / NGO corruption scandal discussed here :
Civic leader nabbed for embezzling HIV/AIDS funds in Mungwi

Kasama, Aug 7, 2009 - ZANIS - Foundation for Community Action on HIV and AIDS (FOCA) coordinator Charles Kafula has been arrested in Kasama for alleged mis-appropriation of K 155 million meant for HIV and AIDS activities in Mungwi District.

Both health and police sources revealed the arrest of Kafula to ZANIS yesterday.

The sources said Kafula has been charged with theft by servant contrary to the law.

The suspect has since been released on police bond pending completion of investigations into the alleged misuse of the K155 million public funds.

Efforts to get comment from Northern Province police commanding officer Charles Lungu failed.

However, investigations in the matter are reported to have stalled because the police do not have funds to send its officers to Lusaka to apprehend a second suspect in the financial scandal.

Highly placed sources revealed that from the time the first suspect was arrested, police have made little progress in investigating the matter.

The sources warned that if police officers delay in traveling to Lusaka to apprehend the second suspect, the case would be difficult to conclude.

Recently, Northern Province Medical Officer Dr. Fabian Kabulubulu expressed concern at the slow pace of police investigations into the alleged misappropriation of K155million meant for HIV/AIDS activities in Mungwi District by a Lusaka based NGO.

Dr. Kabulubulu said investigations in the matter have dragged on since May, when the matter was first reported by Mungwi District Health Director Grace Nanyinza to the police.

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