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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Desperate Measures?

The Government is apparently planning to engage South African Airways (SAA) to explore the possibility of increasing the frequency of flights between Johannesburg, Lusaka and Livingstone in order to maximize on benefits to accrue from the South Africa 2010 :
Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources Permanent Secretary Teddy Kasonso conceded that the absence of a national carrier for Zambia presented a challenge for the nation in relation to benefiting fully from the world cup soccer event.

Outlining strategies that government was implementing to turn the world cup into an economic opportunity for Zambia at the just ended African Union-SADC-UNESCO technical meeting on culture, Tourism, and Development in the Zimbabwean capital Harare, Mr. Kasonso said discussions with the South African Airways management would soon be entered into to request the airline to increase the number of flights into Lusaka and Livingstone.
The obvious question is why would SAA need the Zambian government to tell it there's money to be made? Unless the additional routes are not the most profitable to SAA. I fail to see what carrots Zambia can wave at SAA when they already have the freedom to operate freely in Zambia. Is the Government planning "special incentives" for them? As a general point, Zambia looks well behind in planning compared to our SADC competitors heavily trailed on this blog - see for example Gearing Up for 2010, 2nd Edition.

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