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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Extreme Politics

Just when we thought here now was someone ready to take on the corrupt cartel, no sooner that he was shown the door by the powers that be that lack integrity. It appears that Mr. Max Nkole was already creating fear in the minds of the corrupt people that he would get to them too. So the easiest way to circumvent that was to fire the man lest they also face the same fate as the ex-mini bus conductor.
Lusaka Gossip on the recent sacking of the hapless Maxwell Nkole. This unfortunately is both inaccurate and unhelpful to the debate on corruption in Zambia. The Head of the Task Force has been a colossal failure. In fact way before this saga many have been calling for his removal. We can all rightly quibble with the timing but for reasons I have set out in Refocusing the fight on corruption, I think it is right and proper that the Task Force should be disbanded. I would encourage everyone passionate about this issue to be objective and not allow emotions to hinder crystal clear thinking and helps us avoid the mud of extreme politics.


  1. It should not be a surprise to anyone. Institutions. Are subsiviant to political needs of powerful individuals) is not

  2. Lusaka rumour mill says civil society haschanged tack. They now say if Chiluba really did have US$ 8-9 million in the ZAMTROP account can he:-

    1. Declare all his income and assets and swear on oath of the veracity of this declaration.

    2. Pay all the taxes on this same money as all income including gifts and contributions are considered taxable in Zambia.

    3. Pay all fines and penalties on the same income if he did not pay the taxes on the same income.

    They say if he is innocent and the income is genuine not stolen heshould do the right thing and pay hs taxes like all upstanding citizens.

  3. It is so amazing why we Zambian people don't want to recall the fact that Levy won his petition in 2001 because it was established that there where personal monies in the zamtrop account to the tune of $8.5M, that is the basis of argument chiluba had, if you the people and in did the post newspaper did not question the source of the money why then are you questioning now?? just because someone you really wanted to be prosecuted is now free........its these double standards that have cost us this case against chiluba....even the RB we are talking about now who brought him in the lime light??? let us not fear to talk about the dead, yes they can not defend themselves but it does not make sense to me for us to be calling RB names and saying Levy must be turning in his grave to see what RB is doing....He brought him from the the hero Levy what good did he see in this good for nothing RB??? "Show me your friends and i will tell you who you are"..........

  4. Well if he is an honest upright God fearing citizen like hesays he is why not pay the taxes and tell us where the money came from.

    There is no problem with that unless ofcoursehe has something to hide.


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