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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Government size...

In case you have been under the wrong impression that the size of Government is entirely the making of the Executive Branch, this story should remind you to read the constitution carefully (Article 44 might help).


  1. Cho,

    Good old Article 44! My personal favorite clause is 44-4(c), wherein the President gets his/her third choice for any appointed office whether the National Assembly gives their consent or not. For those familiar with american sports metaphors I call this one the "three strikes and you're in" rule.

  2. Lol!

    Nice spot!

    Okay, here we go - a bit of game theory fun...solving this backwards suggests the president's first choice is always accepted.

    If the THIRD choice is always approved, when considering the SECOND choice, Parliamentarians would know that it is a lost cause. They may even get a worse person at the third nomination. So at the second nomination they give in, without incurring the meaningless cost of annoying the President and other personal cost (e.g lost time that they could have used to play golf).

    Similarly, at the first nomination, they know that in the second nomination, they'll give in, here again they act rationally and give in minimising their costs again!

    So the President will always get his choice first tine round, thanks to 44-4c.


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