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Friday, 28 August 2009

Better Policing (Inefficiencies)

A good example of how police resources are being wasted on meaningless adventures. The Government is spending money enforcing foolish bye-laws against Kachasu distillers, when they should be prioritising other areas and catching real criminals. As for Kachasu itself, I have previously set out a better approach to the issue - see In defence of the Kachasu industry..., with related discussion on : Kachasu Women of Kantolomba.

Mazabuka 'kachasu' distillers rounded up

Mazabuka, Aug 27/09 ZANIS - A Combined team of State,Prisons and Council Police in Mazabuka yesterday swung into action and rounded up 20 'kachasu' distillers, among them prominent businessmen who are currently detained at Mazabuka police station cells. Some 12,600 litres of the illicit beverage were seized from Kachasu distillers in Zambia, Nakambala and Kabobola townships.

And the operation, that involved 48 security officers, was almost thwarted when an elderly woman in her 60s from Kabobola township, dared police officers to arrest her if they were brave enough.

The identified woman, who resisted arrest, threatened to bewitch any officer who would lift her, turning security officers into spectators for one and half hours.

The old woman, who has been in the business of selling 'kachasu' for 25 years, only handed herself to police after a middle aged woman requested her to stand up and accept the arrest.

Meanwhile, Mazabuka Town Clerk, Ekan Chingangu, says the clamp down on people producing illicit liqour will continue until the town is rid of illicit alcholo.

He said the council is concerned with the health of the residents, especially that illicit distillers used mollasses, a by-product of sugar, to produce the illicit spirit.

Mr Chingangu said the huge number of security officers was meant to thwart any violence against the security officers given the previous experience in which Kachasu distillers and traders turned violent against them.

He said he has directed police to ensure all the detainees paid K450,000 before they are released from detention and prosecute those that will fail to pay the penalty fees.

He urged Zambia Sugar Company to help the local authority by refusing to sell molasses to residents in 20 litre containers.

Efforts by ZANIS to get a comment from Zambia Sugar Corporate Affairs Manager, Lovemore Sievu, failed as he was reportedly out of the country on official duties.

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