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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Positive news this week from our mobile phone sector. Bad news if you are a ZAMTEL fan :)

MTN reported that it had now breached the one million registered users and was on the road to becoming the country’s most preferred network. MTN Zambia see the market as pretty dynamic offering opportunities for more growth :

"We look forward to penetrate this market and strengthen our position as the market leader and we are the fastest growing network because three years ago we had 200, 000 subscribers but now we have over one million people using our network,” Muyanja said. “And we shall continue expanding since we believe there is still room for growth in this market and very soon, we shall roll out various products that will be tailor-made and suitable for our customers.”
It does indeed appear that MTN is creeping into ZAIN Zambia's share. Although the company increased its revenues by 20 per cent for the first half of this year, its share declined from 75 to 71 per cent during the same period last year. The Managing Director David Holliday blames "global factors" but remains up beat :
“Despite this, we have still been able to grow our revenues by 20 per cent and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) by 14 per cent compared to the same period in 2008..In order to improve operational efficiency, we re-structured our organization and streamlined internal processes. Recent network disruptions, now resolved, unfortunately marred what would have been an unbroken period of technological excellence and customer experience.”
Zain Zambia Plc remains the nation's biggest mobile phone company with 2.8 million subscribers at the end of June, representing a 23 per cent jump compared with the same period in 2008.


  1. No commenting option at the Brickworld post. I'm sure Yakima could give his opinion on this topic too.

    Biochar (complety burnt, near 100% carbon) can be used for land reclamation, while providing heat that can be used for all kinds of purposes (heating, electricity generation, etc.).

    Biochar is a substance that is extremely porous, and a host for micro-life in the soil, and attracts water. Biochar was (it is presumed) first used by the Amazon Indians, to create Terra Preta, which is a manmade soil that is extremely fertile.

    Funding could come from: eco projects, carbon sequestration (like carbon credits sold at for instance the Chicago Climate Exchange).

    MAKING BIOCHAR: with Peter Hirst of New England Biochar

    On the Adam-etort Kiln

    (Notice the Adam Retort Kiln is made from brick.)

    On Youtube:

    On Tera Preta and Biochar:

    Biochar - agrichar - Terra Preta

    So here you have a possibility that would have a lot of side ways for generating income. You could build (and sell) Adam-Retort kilns, use the biochar/agrichar to reclaim land (buy poor land cheap, improve it and sell it at a higher price as agricultural land), sequester carbon for carbon credits (well over $5 to $7 per tonne of carbon sequestered - remember that biochar also attracts soil life and aids in soil formation so there would be a carbon sequestration multiplier effect - you sequester much more carbon than just the biochar put on or in the ground).

  2. Enabled!

    I tried to transfer the Post, but forgot the embedded URL to Biochar!


  3. RB is grooming AMON JERE former Celtel Maketing fundi now at Vodacom Ghana formerly Ghana Telecom to head the preferred bidder for ZAMTEL. Jere a brilliant but arrogant marketing guru, will fornt the consortium to give a Zambian face. RB of course will get a sweetener.

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