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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Quote of the week (FTJ)


  1. The Zambian justice system is a joke! No wonder the Joker is cackling away. The country has proved to the entire world that despots rule Africa and will continue to do so for a very long time to come.

    I say this not because the verdict went the other way, but because the prosecution had all the evidence they needed and yet failed to secure a conviction that this evil little man deserves!

    For goodness sake, he was found guilty in a London High Court, whose judgement the little despot is desperately trying to block in Zambia. Only Zambia could acquit him.

  2. Or maybe our lawyers are so ill educated that they failed to secure a conviction where the UK lawyers, hired by the task force, succeeded. With all the cases FTJ was being investigated for, why this little US$500,000 one which is riddled with reasonable doubt? What about the US$20 million arms deal or the US$150 million cobalt scam or the US$11 million carlington maize deal? I dont think this fight against corruption was sincere from the onset. I think it was just being used to keep FTJ quiet and its intention was not to convict him.


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