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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Seas and Safaris

Southern African states are working on a common strategy to increase their share of the multi-billion dollar cruise liner market, which has proved resilient in a global downturn. According to Mansoor Mohamed, Chairman of South Africa's government-backed cruise liner steering committee the tremendous opportunities exist : "People around the world are tired of going to the same destinations...The Indian Ocean and sub-Saharan Africa offers the sea and safari experience when nobody else can offer ....With that comes significant benefits in the form of economic value that could run into billions of dollars". More detail via this Reuters article, which also notes that the infrastructure requirements appear minimal.


  1. Zambian Govt Ministers always read repetetive speeches about their commitment to the promotion of tourism. Unfortunately this rhetoric has never been matched by deeds. The road from Mfuwe into South luangwa NP is still a hell run. There is also no connection i.e road from Livingstone to Kafue NP. A lot of overlanders from Namibia and Botswana including South Africa have always complained about the unavailability of tarred road from Sesheke into the Kafue NP. Neither has the ring road in KNP been developed. The govt is making welcome noises about Kasaba bay. I hope it will deliver. Rather than getting a $56m grant for mobile hospitals the govt should have used this money towards the joint financing of the Kazungula bridge with Botswana. We should move quickly to develop infrasctrure in and around Livingstone so that it becomes a base for tourists visiting the Okavango and Etosha and Hwange national parks.

  2. Frank,

    Then comes the question of our air transport infrastructure!

    I thought the Kazungula Bridge has now been jointly agreed? But the point still remains that $56m is not being spent properly.

  3. This article share the feeling to others.It gives the clear economic problem.Thanks for the post.the safaris like Rwanda Safari,and etc are following the same problem.

  4. Great blog. I look forward your blog to know more about world.The posted article is nice.


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