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Monday, 21 September 2009

Girl child education and transport..

It is estimated that only 20 percent of children who enter primary school in rural Zambia eventually complete Grade 12. The main reason for this is the long distances they must travel to and from school. Girls like Chisulo face the additional risk of being raped en route to class. "Some children walk up to 20 kilometres each day to school and back; in all they spend more than five hours on the road. During this time they are open to verbal abuse, insults and even physical attack if they are girls," Zambia's Deputy Minister of Education, Clement Sinyinda, told IPS.
Excerpt from this recent IPS article that largely reinforces the arguments made on one of earliest posts - Looking beyond Mwabanomics.

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  1. This really puts things into perspective - especially on how lucky others like us are that our kids can even do kindergarten reading. I have to wonder though how many families actually appreciate this fact.


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