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Thursday, 17 September 2009

NCC Updates (MPs, Chiefs)

This story appears to shed more light on other proposed changes to the electoral system. The number of constituencies has gone up as previously discussed, but also partial Proportional Representation (PR) has been introduced :

Mr Rubvuta said the increase in the number of elected members of Parliament would lead to efficient service delivery to the electorate. “FODEP is also happy with the introduction of the proportional representation element in the country’s electoral system which would ensure some measure of equitable representation in the National Assembly,” he said. The proportional representation would ensure a real representative Parliament as marginalised groups such as the youths, women and persons with disabilities would have a voice in Parliament.
The hybrid PR system has previously been discussed here.

In a separate update, the NCC has reversed another Mung'omba proposal, this time placing a ban chiefs. Opinion has always been divided on this issue, but the reasons advanced by Nalumango really showcases profound ignorance :
The National Constitutional Conference (NCC) yesterday barred traditional leaders from standing as Members of Parliament (MPs). The legislative committee of the NCC resolved Tuesday evening that chiefs are too dignified to compete against their subjects in politics. The committee led by deputy speaker of the house Mutale Nalumango wondered how a chief who loses elections to a subject would treat the winner.
For debate on this - see Henry Kyambalesa's pro NCC position on Chiefs as Members of Parliament (Guest Blog). A counter perspective is offered at the House of Chiefs's blog - Chiefs and Politics : Towards Free Participation?

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  1. Meanwhile in Kenya, MP's have agree to cabinet cuts:


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