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Thursday, 24 September 2009

RB on Climate Change


  1. Clearly so many leaders of developing countries in particular are salivating at the idea that a new emphasis on climate change can lead to even more dollops of "aid" related funding to help developing countries mitigate the "adverse effects".

    When will we be proud enough as a nation to be able to respond to these types of issues and be able to cite scenarios where we have done something ourselves, rather than continue to stick our hands out in the most brazzen gestures of begging.

    It would have been great for us to have said (1) we have ourselves instituted dramatic policy steps to reduce the incredible pace of deforestation in Zambia, (2) implemented policy to prevent the wholesale granting of wide swathes of land to unproven or commercially unattractive clean energy technologies, (3) have connected the ERB with appropriate international agencies that can help us understand the priorities through which we can prevent the destruction of our beautiful country and (4) begun to engage the financial markets in discussions around how Zambia presents a great opportunity to help combate climate change through CDM's - like other countries including Costa Rica and Brazil.

    Not us sadly. Our policy response is one that is finely tuned to recognizing where global political sympathy is coagulating and then to respond with as much guilt infusion as possible. After all, that simple strategy has sustained significant amounts of government budget to date (and in the process overpopulated our country with many well-meaning but very naive NGO's and "advisors").

    It could very well be that the next wave of "aid related largesse" will be related to climate change...I can just see the conferences, workshops, capacity building sessions, joint-ministerial responses, framework developing teams, rural observations, and swish landcruisers emblazened with very wordy logos.

  2. Tree planting in India:


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