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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Rural finance..

Another interesting private credit scheme designed to empower local farmers (a similar scheme can be found here):

New Munda Credit Management and Rural Banking Facility helps farmers in Mongu (Source : ZANIS, September 23, 2009)

Mongu District Acting Commissioner Mishengo Mishengo has hailed the new Munda Credit Management and Rural Banking Facility which he said help contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector.

Mr. Mishengo congratulated the association for its initiative it has taken of forming linkages with business institutions that support farming business.

He added that scheme and rural banking concepts will reduce pressure on the available programmes such as the fertiliser support input programme, the food security park and other community based initiatives by co-operating partners.

He further added that there will also be greater need to liaise closely with structures such as farmers associations which are already on the ground.

He said his office's desire is to see that the economy of the province in general and Mongu district in particular is improved to better levels.

The DC said this when he graced at the sensitisation meeting on the held at Community hall in Mongu District yesterday.

Munda credit facility is an innovative loan scheme created to carter for the needs of small scale farmers who are members of the National Peasant and Small Scale Farmers of Zambia (NAPSSFZ)


  1. I'll see if I chase this up with the relevant ZANIS reporter who broke the story.


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