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Thursday, 1 October 2009

ZIPPA on "Property Rights"

The latest edition of the ZIPPA Quarterly Journal focusing "property rights". One suspects this edition will divide opinion, I found it slightly unbalanced in most places and will try and extract one or two articles for broader discussion.
ZIPPA Journal Oct - Dec 2009

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  1. I think a lot can be learned from Project Completion Reports. I have not seen a lot of people look at those or publish them.

    Lusaka Sites And Service Project


    The post-Independence decade of the sixties brought rapid urbanization to Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. In 1968, 15% of the city’s population lived in unserviced squatter settlements. By 1974, this figure had risen to 42% and the problem needed a solution. From this arose one of the World Bank’s first very large scale, low-cost urban housing attempts, the First Lusaka Sites and Services Project. This US$42.1 million project (1974 dollars) included upgrading, technical assistance, and infrastructure components. The project stands out due to its size, high level of community participation, and emphasis on evaluation.


    What didn't work and why?

    * From an institution-building standpoint, creating a new, separate, and by Lusakan standards very well-paid, executing agency alienated Zambian government workers, leading to turnover difficulties when the executing agency was incorporated into the local government.


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