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Monday, 26 October 2009

Intellectual Poverty (Gershom Musonda)

CEG Trustee Gershom Musonda says the two former Ministers should not force the ruling party to go for a convention as the party has stated before that it has no money to hold a convention. Mr. Musonda told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today Mr. Mpombo and Mr. Magande should know and understand that forcing a convention could result in the ruling party using public resources.
As reported by ZANIS. The extrordinary argument appears to be that Mpombo should not pursue intra-party democracy because it will force MMD to steal. The argument is not only morally wrongly, but its also illogical. If MMD will abuse state resources during the convention, as implied by Mr Musonda, what is stopping them from abusing those resources now? Mr Musonda appears to regard stealing for the purposes of the convention as a moral imperative. I disagree, thieves don't need to be "forced to steal" they just steal because they choose to steal. If MMD will indeed abuse public resources during the convention, it must follow that they are abusing them now. In which case, Mr Musonda should be focusing his energy on exposing such abuse not fighting Mpombo's push for intra-party democracy.

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