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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Budget 2010 : National Budget for Agriculture

I have been eagerly waiting for this year's ACF / FSRP policy presentation on the Budget. Wonderful assessment as usual - see What is in the 2010 National Budget for Zambian Agriculture? ACF/FSRP in Collaboration with MACO/CSO. Breakfast Budget Review Meeting: Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka -20 Oct, 2010. A couple of extracts from the policy presentation :

The detailed assessment is very much in line with my preliminary thoughts here. Two important areas that are picked up in Slide 7 which will surely hinder agriculture : the increase in the fees payable under the Lands Act might hinder access to land; and the increase in the excise duty payable on the diesel does increase increase the cost of farming.


  1. This analysis is quite useful since it focuses on the Ag Sector. I will read it more carefully before I can make any sensible comment.

  2. the anlysis is helpful. i feel the gvt of zambia still does not realise that the agric. sector can and is the key to the nations wealth creation and poverty reducation. the government should diversy the agric. sector it has great potential to boost the economy.
    john Nkosi
    zambia adventist university-Monze


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