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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Corruption Watch (ZNBC)

The focus on corruption earlier this year turned to ZNBC, but went cold with the report by auditors still to be made available. However, news broke on Friday that heads have rolled :

“The ZNBC Board of Directors has terminated the contract for the Director General Joseph Salasini as part of the re-organisation of the management of the corporation announced last week by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services,” Seyuba stated. "Three directors responsible for: Programmes Mr Maxwell Ng’andu; Finance Mr Millen Siamiyoba; and Marketing and Sales, Mr Anthony Mhlanga have also had their contracts terminated while the board will not renew the contract for the Director of Human Resources, Miss Sepiso Kwaleyela which ends next month."

He stated that the board made the decisions in order to serve the interests of the corporation. “It has become clear that the industrial environment at the corporation over the past few months had deteriorated significantly and was no longer condusive for the advancement of the objectives of the national broadcaster. The board has had to make these decisions to serve the best interests of ZNBC and to save the situation from degenerating further,” Seyuba stated.

“Other measures to be instituted as part of the reorganisation will include the immediate addressing of operational weaknesses pointed out by an audit conducted by the Auditor General at the invitation of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. The board is determined to ensure that the financial status of the company is strengthened while improving ZNBC programming.”

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