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Thursday, 29 October 2009

ERB Press Release : New Fuel Prices

The Energy Regulation Board of Zambia press statement on new fuel prices on all petroleum products :
Cost Plus Oct 2009 Price Review Press Statement

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  1. Cho,

    The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) wishes to inform the public that prices of petroleum products have been revised upwards countrywide with effect from midnight tonight. Diesel has been increased by K548, Petrol by K1,114 and Kerosene by K383, which changes benchmark prices for Lusaka to K6,026 for diesel, K6,932 petrol and K4,217 for Kerosene.

    This price change has been necessitated by oil price increases on the international market and also the inclusion of a K65 per litre cost line that has been introduced to finance the cost of holding 15 days statutory operating stocks by all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

    Maybe elections are already publicly funded? :)


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