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Friday, 9 October 2009

Indian govt owned ZAMTEL?

It could happen. Indian state-run telecom Mahanagar Telephone Nigam is among the 30 bidders that are seeking to buy a stake in Zamtel.


  1. A Zambian parastatal being run by a foreign parastatal?

    So what was the purpose of privatisation again?

  2. On the dangers of foreign ownership of the economy, as well as reliance on 'donor aid' instead of taxation, I think it is important to remember why neoliberalism is such an essentially anti-democratic philosophy.

    Real Time Panel Discuss Wall Street

    (Noam Chomsky:) If you have no constraints on capital flow, then you can attack currencies freely. Now that creates what economists call a 'Virtual Parliament' of investors and lenders who can quoting from technical literature can carry out a moment by moment referendum on government policies. And if they think the polices are irrational, they can vote against them by capital flight and attacks on currencies and so on.

    Policies that are irrational are by definition policies that benefit people, but don't improve profit and market access and so on. And tehrefore governments face what is called a duel constituency, their own population and the Virtual Parliament. And the Virtual Parliament usually wins, especially in poor countries.

  3. How ironic! It also shows that the problems at Zamtel have not been analysed and understood well enough for the govt to justify the solution they have chosen.


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