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Friday, 13 November 2009

African Infrastructure Report

A new report from the World Bank and African partners, Africa's Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation, highlights the findings of a 24-country study (including Zambia) and urges increased investment in four critical areas: energy, transport, water, and information and communications technology.

Additional comments to follow after a proper read.


  1. Nuclear power plans for Africa and the Middle East:

  2. Bridges for Kenya:

  3. South Africa, China Sign Railway Accord; Test Demand for High-Speed Link:

  4. Angola's railways back on track:

  5. Benguela railway:

  6. India imports 15,000 Chinese laborers to build, teach infrastructure projects. My comment - The importance of the below article shows that there are logical reasons for economic activities and systems to operate rather than politics and conspiracy theories.


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