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Monday, 2 November 2009

Corruption Watch (CDF), 2nd Edition

Lufwanyama residents last week accused civic leaders of diverting the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to personal use. Residents cited the construction of a mother's shelter at Nkana rural health post, the project which stalled for a long time due to financial irregularities yet the project was adequately funded. A previous post discusses various issues surrounding CDFs.

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  1. This country has so many loopholes where people are stealing money because of the failure to implement the Decentralization Policy. I bet the Decentralization Policy will only be implemented once a built-in corrupt arrangment has been successfuly done.

    So do not get surprised that civic leaders are eating where they did not sow. If anything, they are stealing because they have a corrupt, incompetent and selfish management team at the council with no ethical behaviour. Its now common in local government to hound out competent managers while the crooks are promoted so that the agenda for theft can continue. I am sorry for you In Lufwanyama.


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