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Friday, 6 November 2009

Irrational Fear

There are many good reasons for not having the freedom of information bill at the moment, but this is not one of them :

Vice president George Kunda says the freedom of information bill has been withdrawn from parliament. Kunda said in parliament that the bill can not be made into law now because some Zambian journalists will use it to sell the country. Kunda said some Zambian journalists are unpatriotic and irresponsible and therefore passing the Freedom of Information bill into law will only be done later. He said the bill will be taken back to parliament ‘when it is in the best interest of Zambians.’


  1. Well, if it isn't our own Honourable GK at it again! I do not mean to bring the Honourable Vice President's name into ridicule, but some of his statements simply are, well, ridiculous. I will call a spade a spade, as usual.

    However, he is not alone in exhibiting some unwarranted paranoia towards state security, and thereby using it to curtail people's freedoms and rights. I wouldn't be as naive as to suggest that Zambia is so peace loving that it has no enemies, but I for one think that the external threat to Zambia is largely exaggerated. Since the apartheid regime collapsed in South Africa, most of Zambia's threats have been internal threats, arguably due to a less than stable political environment.

    I would challenge GK to define the threat he's referring to. My view of things is that the Zambian people largely do not trust their government, therefore the govt tries by all means to protect itself from the people. That's Zambia's threat.

    I think evidence is there that a more open type of government and the more free people feel, the less squabbling you're likely to have and the more political stability as a result.

  2. Zedians,

    I have always doubted GK's honesty ever since he made this statement.

    But I suppose he may yet have the final laugh. Its quite obvious he has his eyes fully locked on Plot 1. So rather than have him bar me from entering Zambia at will, I will just clap along to every statement he makes like our parliamentarians.


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