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Friday, 6 November 2009

Linking Zambia (Cecily's Fund)

A wonderful UK registered charity that is making it possible for Zambian orphans and other impoverished children to go to school. Cecily's Fund works closely with Zambian partner organisations, Hodi, CHEP andBwafwano to:

  • Enable more than 9,500 children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable because of AIDS to go to primary and secondary school, with the same uniforms and equipment as other children, so they are not stigmatised by their situation.
  • Offer training to school-leavers each year as peer health educators, teaching other children how to stay healthy and avoid HIV
  • Offer school-leavers support to train as teachers, which equips them for a secure, government paid job. It also helps to replace some of the thousands of teachers that have been lost to AIDS in Zambia.


  1. I was delighted to see you praise Cecily's Fund as "a wonderful UK based charity". I have known CF for over 10 years and can confirm that it is doing great work putting orphans through primary and secondary school, and even training them as peer educators.

    This charity gets maximum value from every penny it receives. It deserves unstinted support from Zambians. Those in the Diaspora, as well as giving themselves, should bring CF's excellent website to the attention of charitable neighbours, especially this Christmas.

  2. Murray,


    I totally agree and I have brought it to the attention of Zambia Diaspora Connect

    This is a cause worth supporting.

    I was not aware of their work.


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