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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ministerial Statement : Public Private Partnerships

Ministerial Statement made to Parliament on 27th November, 2009 by the Minister of Finance and National Planning, Hon. Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP on Public Private Partnerships.
Ministerial Statementn on Public Private Partnerships


  1. May you please explain a little bit more on the meaning of "build, operate and transfer". Does it mean build in conjunction with govt, operate in conjunction with govt and transfer to private partner or build with in conjunction with govt, operate in conjunction with govt and transfer to govt or is it something completely different.

    Please kindly explain as I am totally in the dark.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    The definition of various PPP arrangements are set out in the Public Private Partnership Bill 2009

    In particular, First Schedule (3 & 4)defines Build Operate Transfer as :

    "A contractual arrangement whereby a concessionaire undertakes the construction, including financing, of a given infrastructure facility, and the operation and maintenance thereof. The concessionaire operates the facility over a fixed term during which the concessionaire is allowed to collect user levies fees, rentals and other charges not exceeding those proposed in the bid or as negotiated and incorporated in the agreement or regulations to enable the recovery of the investment in the project. The concessionaire transfers the project to the Government or the contracting authority concerned at the end of the fixed term that shall be specified in the agreement. This shall include a supply and operate situation which is a contractual arrangement whereby the supplier of equipment and machinery for a given project, if the interest of the Government or the contracting authority so requires, operates the facility providing in the process technology transfer and training to Government, regulatory agency or the contracting authority nominated individuals."


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