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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Press Release : Mining Strikes

Press Release by Konkola Copper Mining Plc :

Press Statement

KCM wishes to reiterate its commitment to improving the conditions of service for its union-represented employees by working hand-in-hand with their respective unions.

The recent unfortunate disturbances that occurred at the Nchanga Integrated Unit where, in effect an illegal strike that resulted in millions of Kwacha worth of property and have been rightly condemned by both the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) and the National Union Mineworkers and Allied Unions (NUMAW).

Apart from the damage done in and outside the plant area, another regrettable result of the disturbances is that certain employees suspected to have taken part in the rioting are being subjected to the due disciplinary process as set out in the Company’s Code of Conduct.

Others arrested by Zambia Police on suspicion of breaching the Laws of the land are being put through the due judicial process. KCM views both processes as critical in the maintenance of law and order as well as industrial harmony and will not interfere in the outcomes any way.

Employees who feel aggrieved by the outcome of the processes against them are free to appeal against the verdicts as provided for in both the Company’s Disciplinary Code and the Laws of Zambia (for those appearing before courts).

KCM Management pledges to continue to work with the national unions representing its employees to resume salary negotiations as soon as the situation has normalized and complete peace has returned to the plant.

These negotiations, which were suspended by mutual consent between the workers’ representatives and Management, are set to resume today (Tuesday, November 24, 2009).

Issued : Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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