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Friday, 27 November 2009

Rise of local radio..

We have previously touched on the increase of local radio stations. Mpika is fighting for its own even as Mwinilunga comes under government's radar of bureacrats. Both stories illustrate the value of local radio and its increasing role in shaping political dialogue. But a more important point is that local radio helps achieve three critical barriers that local people face - coordinating themselves for social good; lack of information; and "national language" requirements. No longer do people have to listen to "English powered stations", they can communicate to each other on radio in their languages.


  1. Let's not forget local radio can increase business activities in the local community. Advertising rates would be lower due to coverage enabling new small local businesses springing up to advertise their services and goods. It could also break the language barrier as locals would listen to the ads in their local language.

    Local radio is good for local business activities.


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