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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The smoke that thunders..

A remarkable BBC presentation on Victoria Falls as seen through the eyes of a local fisherman.

Apologies to those unable to access this due to regional restrictions. I'll update when new information arises.


  1. Remarkable fim making, but why not get a real Zambian to do the narrative? The narrator sounds like a white person trying to do a black South African accent.

  2. do you know how to watch that video from outside the uk? I am living in Germany and it doesn't seem to be working... thanks!

  3. Wow! Nostalgia... Kumwesu kusuma!


    Most of the BBC iPlayer content is available to UK users only, so you may not be able to watch it from there, especially if the content was meant for BBC radio or TV as this happens to be. However, if you're able to watch any other iPlayer content, then it may just be restrictions on this particular film. Anyway, let's wait to hear what feedback Cho will get.


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