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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Corruption Watch (High Court)

I have previously noted the corruption and mismanagement that is rife in our judicial system. Last week there was a report of imprest amounting to K398 million at Chipata High Court in Eastern Province that has not been retired for the last one year, according to internal audit reports.


  1. In my view, this amounts to theft by public servant or some such breach of the law. If the judiciary itself is involved in such nefarious activity, how can we have comfort that it will treat cases of theft and corruption with the seriousness they deserve? I hope the internal audit report does not gather the proverbial dust on some bureaucrat's shelf. This is a chance for the judiciary to redeem its somewhat dented image by taking some decisive and preferably well-publicised action.

  2. I think this underscores the need to have a powerful auditor general. It appears people do not fear consequences of corruption.


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