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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Linking Zambia (ZAMBEEF)

A new website for ZAMBEEF.


  1. India's antidote to the chemically based 'Green Revolution':


    Welcome to ZBNF which is short of ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING. This method of farming is tested thoroughly and is parctised by 1000s of farmers all over India.

    In this method, Every Input for a farm will be taken from Output of the farm itself and hence it is called Zero Budget. And the farming will be conducted by 100% Natural methods or agri practices.

    For eg. The fertiliser input for the farm for the whole year will be prepared from the milk products, Cowdung and urine of the native breed cow breeded in the farm. The Native cow breeds demand less fodder and are drought resistant.Hence this type of Natural agricultural practice avoids the use of costly artificial fertilisers and pesticides that spoil the soil wealth in a few years.This type of Natural farms and the their produces like Milk, Fruits and Vegetables, Cereals, millets or any food products are very benefitial for the health and peace of the mankind.

  2. We have alot to learn from this method of agriculture lets promote sustainable agric methods and go green and reduce huge costs of agriculture inputs.

    Ian Chibale

  3. Hi Ian,

    Great that you are interested in this.

    Agriculture has the potential to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty and into the middle class in Zambia and worldwide. Organic agriculture would make use of what Zambia has in abundance - land and manpower, rather than machinery, fossile fuels and chemical fertilizers.

    Then, it also produces much healthier food, and does so in a way that will be sustainable for centuries to come. Now that in my opinion is where true food and national security lies.

    Living Pono with "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" actor Jason Scott Lee. On how to live sustainably.

    MAKING BIOCHAR: with Peter Hirst of New England Biochar. Charcoal has a huge potential in recarbonizing sandy soils.

    Polyface Farm
    Joel Salatin's organic livestock farm

    Permaculture Water Harvesting Geoff Loughton's rainwater harvesting swales (shallow ditches) that can rehydrate the land for many different purposes.

  4. Here is more. 'Natural Farming' in Thailand.

    About Natural Farming
    Natural Farming Philosophy
    By Cho Han Kyu


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