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Monday, 11 January 2010

CDF Watch (Additional Funding, Misc)

We continue our CDF watch with last week's report that Government had increased the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from K600million per constituency to K666 million. This is clearly a substantial increase, although its still no where near President Banda's electoral promise of K1bn per constituency. The government is also planning to revise CDF guidelines to take into account some challenges faced by councils in implementing past projects. The increased level of funding makes the case for addressing the concerns raised here even stronger.

Separately, Ndola City Council reported that it had completed projects worth more than K1.5 billion from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in four constituencies in the district. The list of projects certainly gives a very good indication of where this money is going. Aside from road repairs a lot of the projects are on things that are meant to be provided centrally :
The Ndola Central Constituency spent K220 million on the purchase of a compactor for road rehabilitation in the whole constituency. The constituency also spent K45, 385, 705 on the completion of the Dag Hammerskjoeld Police Post in the Dag Hammerskjoeld Ward. Another K22.8 million was spent on the completion of the Northrise Police Post in Yengwe ward and Riverside Market had been completed in Nkwazi Ward at a cost of more than K15 million. The maintenance of roads in Kansenshi, Kanini and Chipulukusu townships gobbled up about K76 million bringing the total to K380 million.

In Chifubu Constituency, over K80 million was spent on construction of the Kawama Market shelter and the completion of the ablution block at Pamodzi Market in Kawama Ward and Pamodzi Ward respectively. Kaniki Ward received about K80 million for the construction of Misaka Health Post, construction of ablution block at Kaniki Basic School and construction of a store room at Kaniki East School. On road maintenance, about K77 million was spent and from the 2007 CDF allocation, K10 million was spent on the construction of the foot bridge.

The major projects in Bwana Mkubwa Constituency was the construction of an ablution block at Katondo Basic School and piped water connection in Munkulungwe Ward at a cost of K104 million. Kavu Market construction gobbled up K82 million while road maintenance received over K44 million. All the other projects cost over K150 million.

Road rehabilitation in Kabushi Ward of the Kabushi Constituency took up K132 million and street lighting of selected roads cost over K92 million.

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