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Monday, 25 January 2010

Better Police (Corruption), 3rd Edition

An update to the K8bn Zambia Police scam . The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Zambia Police and Intelligence officers recorded a warn and caution statement from Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde in connection with the investigation. The investigation appears serious enough to make Mr Mateyo cry, but this quote is very worrying :

Well-placed sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed over the weekend that a combined team of officers from the DEC, ACC, Zambia Security Intelligence Service (ZSIS) and Zambia Police set up to investigate the irregularities in the purchase of police escort vehicles, motorbikes, bullet proof presidential cars and traffic equipment wrote to President Rupiah Banda asking for permission to interrogate and take a warn and caution statement from Kabonde. The sources said President Banda granted the permission to the investigators to go ahead and investigate Kabonde.
Although the President "granted the permission" it would have been better for the investigating authorities to simply proceed without reference to the President. Part of the problem of course is the issue we discussed under - Rethinking Justice : Better Policing - the IG is a Presidential property. You don't touch without asking the President first.

In the meantime, pressure is growing for the IG to step aside and allow the process to unfold, principally led by Transparency International and the Opposition.

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