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Monday, 4 January 2010

Mining Reflections: Proposition Three (Update)

Another update to "proposition three" that demonstrates the poor conditions of mining workers :

Deputy Minister for Local Government and Housing Elijah Muchima has described the sanitary condition prevailing at the Nkanddabwe Collume Coal Mine for Chinese in Sinazongwe district as pathetic.

Mr Muchima who was accompanied by government officials from the Ministry of Mines and the ministry of Health to ascertain the real cause of the cholera outbreak in Sinazongwe district equated the road leading to the mine as that of a “cattle shed.”
He said the miners and the surrounding communities were subjected to drinking water that was unfit for human consumption a situation that has led to the spread of the Cholera cases in the district.

The Deputy Minister noted that the operation of the mine was hazardous to the employees. He said the mine was previously closed for its failure to observe safety measures but it was being reopened adding that such situation could not be condoned.

Mr Muchima said the experts would write a report to government to ensure that an appropriate action was taken to address the situation at the Nkanddabwe collume mine. He said government supports Chinese investment in the country but would not accept a situation where Zambians will be working as slaves.

“We would rather be poor than to subject our citizens to inhuman conditions, government will not tolerate such attitudes of enslaving our own people. I am disturbed with what I have seen,” Mr Muchima said

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