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Friday, 15 January 2010

Quick notes

Living conditions of migrants in South Africa “horrendous” – Migrants in South Africa are living under “horrendous” conditions and are struggling to access health services, according to Doctors without Borders.

Angola's MPs and business dealings - Revealing the "arrogance and complete disrespect for the law" of Angolan parliamentarians.

From clash to cash - The Financial Times reports that Nigeria is considering giving a portion of its oil revenues directly to citizens of the Niger delta, inspired by the Alaskan model.

How the web can bring abundance to Africa - The Independent Appeal on how computers and broadband have enabled Zambian weather forecasting to transform farmers' prospects.

White collar Syndrome in education sector in Zambia - An interesting short paper sheds some light on white collar jobs in education during the colonial era and the subsequent challenges faced since independence.

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