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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Quick notes

World Cup raises HIV fears - The Botswana government is worried that alongside the good things the World Cup in South Africa may bring, it may have an adverse impact on the fight against HIV.

Intellectual Property Rights Do Not Assure Quality - IPS's Christi van der Westhuizen interview with IPR expert Sisulu Musungu on the growing anti-counterfeit laws and regulations that risk blocking legitimate generic medicines instead of fake products.

Rwanda's community courts: a unique experiment in justice : An interesting piece from the Guardian on on Rwanda's gacaca courts – the community trials set up to try those accused of taking part in the country's 1994 genocide.

Inverness driving instructor in quest to make African roads safer - A driving instructor from Scotland is passing on his experience to bus drivers in Zambia via the international development charity TRANSAID

India: Order heralds era of transparency - An innocuous query asking if judges declared assets to their chief justices has resulted in a landmark judgment empowering millions of Indians.

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  1. A quick note on China's labor shortage:


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