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Saturday, 9 January 2010

This Week They Said

"I know who you are from the time you were young, since my relationship with your father. So, I'm happy that you are here to take up the appointment"
President Banda to the new Ambassador to Sweden Anne Mutambo.
“Mr Sata should humble himself and swallow the words because traditional rulers...are upset with him for comparing them to animals, it is unacceptable”.
Chief Jumbe reacting to PF President Michael Sata's comment over the construction of the Chipata-Mfuwe road.
"We believe that the best media regulation is already in place; it is called the law of defamation, which protects everyone"
Godfrey Miyanda on the Government media proposals.
"The pact has brought Tongas, Bembas, Lozis and other tribes...unlike the confusion in the ruling MMD where some tribes are viewed to be more superior than others"
MMD Dundumwezi Chairman Gideon Muleya after defecting to the UPND-PF Pact.
"For me the convention is not cardinal. What is important is keeping the party together.."
MMD Chairperson Michael Mabenga reacting to calls for the MMD convention.

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