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Saturday, 23 January 2010

This Week They Said

"if somebody says ‘I’m going to rape somebody in future’, I don’t see how it constitutes an offence".
Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde claiming that the threat by MMD cadres to gang-rape opposition FDD president Edith Nawakwi does not constitute an offence.
“Now this foolish Kabonde, can he please define the difference. If today I stood up and said ‘I’m going to shoot …,’ would he actually stand up and say it is not a criminal offence?"
Edith Nawakwi angrily responding ton Francis Kabonde.
"‘Ni ba Mateyo aba. Babachita chani ba Mateyo (Translated : This is Mr Mateyo. What have they done to Mr Mateyo?). People heard and saw him shedding tears. It was dramatic."
A Post Newspaper source on the reaction to former Inspector General of Police Ephraim Mateyo after he broke down during interrogation at the ACC offices in Lusaka.
“In today's Parliament, how many MMD MPs have degrees or are university graduates?...there are very few [MMD] members of parliament with degrees... VJ Vernon Mwaanga is not a graduate, including Shikapwasha, he is not a graduate. If Mulongoti has one then he just acquired it recently..."
Michael Sata reacting to the NCC adoption of the degree clause for presidential candidates.
“People were laughing at our chances and we were considered as the worst team here, but today we proved we are good enough to reach the quarterfinals,”
Herve Renard has the last laugh after the team moved from last place to first.
"If it is just a few people, we will offer them a roof and a patch of land...If they come in large numbers, we will give them a whole region."
Senegal's President offering to make room for victims of Haiti's earthquake to restart their lives on the continent from where their ancestors were snatched as slaves.

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