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Saturday, 30 January 2010

This Week They Said

“This man was here. He has just left but it was a bit embarrassing for him...He did not address the people"
Ben Nyirenda a Mufulira business man on Chiluba's visit to the town.
"The party spokesperson is from Rupiah's home, the new deputy national secretary is from Rupiah's home. All the ministers, all the MPs there and ministers from his home"
UPND President HH on the rise of wise men (and women) from the east.
"They have degrees but they are failing to show the nation that they have degrees. They don't give hope to those who are not educated. Can Rupiah Banda confidently say he has a degree in economics?"
Edith Nawakwi questioning the value of some degrees.
"If we vote for Mr Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema, they will destroy the nation because they don't have a heart for the country."
Former President FTJ on the campaign trail for Rupiah Banda.
"The pact is strong and will remain strong, that is why the MMD are not sleeping”
Hon Garry Nkombo (UPND, Mazabuka) on the strength of the Pact.
"You should not cry for me as my new home is extremely warmer and I will let you know its address at an appropriate time".
Clive Chirwa in a resignation letter to Katele Kalumba.
“As a country, we are at a stage where we won’t beg for assistance from the developed world”
Ambassador Mbikusita Lewanika (Japan) to selling Zambia abroad.
“They should not be scared of Chiluba, Chiluba is like a snake that cannot bite anyone. He is no longer a poisonous snake"
UPND's Elisha Matambo on the electoral impact of FTJ.

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