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Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Book Reading Goal : 50 Books in 2010

Having set a goal for reading legislation, I thought it was also worth setting a book goal. As this is February, it seems 50 would do for the rest of the year  (or 1 book per week), with a target of at least 20 book reviews.  To ensure I stick to this, each week on Friday / Saturday I will regularly report what books I have completed during the week. Towards the end of each month, I shall be publishing at least two book reviews (that hopefully will be 2 books from around 4 read each month).Regular readers will know, as reflected by this post, that I read mainly books about three areas : Economics  and related disciplines; Zambia or more broadly Africa;  and Christian thought, which covers a huge area from philosophy to discipleship. I plan to stick only to new books (i.e. released towards the back end of 2009 and 2010), but may throw in a classic or "out of the box" recommendation. I naturally welcome recommendations from these areas. 

For completeness - the first week of February I read the following :
The Politics of Global Regulation

The Politics of Global Regulation,  Edited by Walter Mattli & Ngaire Woods.  The book examines under what conditions global regulation by public and private organizations can be hijacked by special interests or small groups of powerful firms.

Grassroots Governance?: Chiefs in Africa and the Afro-Caribbean (Africa, Missing Voices Series)Grassroots Governance?: Chiefs in Africa and the Afro-Caribbean, Edited by Donald I. Ray &  P.S. Reddy : An interdisciplinary and intercontinental collection that offers perspectives on the integration, or reconciliation, of traditional leadership with democratic systems of local government.


  1. Hi Cho,

    Great that you're going to review Grassroots Governance. I'm looking forward to the review.

  2. Cho!

    That's an ambitious program. We would be thankful to you, for that would be helpful to many of us with poor time management. Great!!! The Radio Show helped to sort out certain things. But you need to come on again for more discussions.


  3. Kaela,

    Yes! I thought that was profound. We need those sorts of indepth discussions.

    Another show is arranged around 6th March.
    We will dig further into the social and political dimensions.

    In April we will have another session on Law and Order (police, judges and access to justice). We have about 12 topics we have agreed to cover by radio with James.

  4. Show your support for African economist. Try Oil and The Emergence of the Gulf of Guinea

  5. Madiba,

    Thanks. As the book came out in 2007. It is only available for review if specifically requested by the author.



  6. Looks to be an interesting book - "The Economics of Integrity" by Anna Bernasek:

  7. Kafue,

    Thanks. That looks very interesting. Will certainly pick it up!

  8. Interesting book - "How to Make Smarter Choices" by Sheena Iyengar:


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