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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Quick notes

Kagem's exceptional 'insofu' 6,225-carat rough emerald is another reminder of the glories of this forgotten / shadow industry.

Mo Ibrahim preaches shared sovereignity for small African countries, suggesting that "if Africa’s small and diverse nations do not come together, they will never integrate properly into the world economy, and so will not reap the benefits of our globalised world."

Newsweek reminds us that Africa is Becoming the New Asia driven not "by the sale of raw materials, like oil or diamonds, but by a burgeoning domestic market, the largest outside India and China".

As South Africa prepares for the 2010 A Bus System designed to run from Soweto, where a quarter of the city’s four million residents live, to Sandton, the region’s commercial and financial hub is opening forgotten rifts.

Its not all about the extraction of raw minerals, according to Reuters part of the Chinese neo-colonisation is involves a significant cultural exchange. Not sure where this puts a recent claim I heard that China may also be exporting "prisoners" to Zambia.

The concept of the South African developmental state, where the government plays a key role in the economy, is apparently being undermined by the poor performance of the parastatals which have reached an advanced state of crisis or on the verge of "a complete meltdown.

A new Transparency International's report looking at education systems in seven African countries has raised concerns over financial accountability in schools and a lack of interest among parents in how schools are run.

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