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Saturday, 6 February 2010

This Week They Said

“Five yrs from now, no African child should die of hunger. Africa must feed Africa"
New African Union Chairman Bingu wa Mutharika on a new dawn for Africa.
“Sometimes politics create indigestion but Zambians want jobs”
Felix Mutati on the need for action on the economy rather than "cheap talk".
“There is nothing extraordinary Renard has done but he has been overpraised;”
Boniface Simutowe on the "overrated Renard" who now wants a job with Nigeria.
“In Jeremiah, God says ‘I chose you from your mother’s womb’. It doesn’t say I gave you a degree”
Mkushi PF Chairman Emmanuel Sinkonde on scripture and qualifications for leadership.
“ George Kunda is not sincere; all he wants is maximum enjoyment and minimum responsibility”
Michael Sata on the alleged proposal by George Kunda to pay  K5bn to Lusaka NCC representatives.

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