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Saturday, 20 February 2010

This Week They Said

"It has been noticed that the rich, the powerful and famous appear to be above the law and go scot-free while the poor languish in prisons"
Reverend Mutale (Council of Churches in Zambia) on the rise of a non-tolerant culture.
"We have reached a stage where no one is responsible for anyone. People can steal with impunity, the Auditor General's office reveals it and no one takes action. This has now become an annual ceremony where we will read about various irregularities and they lie just like that"
Mission Press Director Father Miha Drevensek on Zambia's meaningless fight against corruption in Zambia.
"It is educated Zambians who have let this country down. The peasants and lowly paid workers have got no chance of stealing because they are not in positions where they can steal. It is people who are privileged with senior positions in organisations who are responsible for pilfering".
Caleb Fundanga (Bank of Zambia) on who is to blame for our current predicament.
"Zambia is now a plunderers’ paradise as we have come to live with the reality of corrupt elements in all government institutions every time the Auditor General’s report is out. We are living dangerously. There is stealing everywhere and almost by everyone. There is nothing left to write home about. Nathan Nyirenda's song Mwemakufi summarises it all. This nation needs a messiah and that is the common man who should stand up and fight this injustice against the poor. We are good at silencing people telling the truth and embracing thieves"
Wisdom Kaunda (Kabwe resident) laments on Zambia "the plunderers' paradise".

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