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Friday, 19 March 2010

CDF Watch (Health)

Mpulungu Constituency recently procured two ambulances worth K157 million have been procured using Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for people in the area. The ambulances are intended to service Vyamba and Chitimbwa zones, which were far from the district hospital. According to the local MP Lameck Chibombamilimo the purchase was driven from the bottom :

"After consulting the people and stakeholders, we found that people needed ambulances. The 4x4 ambulances are ideal for the Mpulungu terrain. They were bought for K157 million both using CDF, they are tax-free. They are almost new vehicles. They were got from Durban, South Africa...We are grateful to ZRA because they are tax free. The ambulances will go a long way to help save the lives of people especially pregnant women, who at times use bicycles to get to the hospitals."

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