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Monday, 15 March 2010

Conversations with History: Kenneth Kaunda

An excellent interview by Harry Kreisler with First Republican President Kenneth D. Kaunda. President Kaunda discusses the national and international challenges he confronted as a national leader. He also reflects on his current work with ngos in the global fight to fight disease, poverty and inequality. This was recorded in 2006, but well worth the watch (1 hour)


  1. Was there more to Kaunda's economics than selling copper to subsidise a local uncompetitive economy? It seems he may have set the country up to fail.

  2. he brought the country together under one Zambia One nation and because of that legacy of unity instead ethnic politics, Zambia was spared what Rwanda went through and that's why even Dunchi Kubeba is now the 5th president of Zambia. Don't just criticize learn to point out merit where it is due.


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