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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Illegal Ivory Trade in Zambia


  1. Sickening! Honestly, where do people like Tourism Minister Namugala get their courage and go before Cites and pretend that they are in control of their wildlife resources? This is the same Minister who recently stopped the Africa Parks Foundation from taking over the management and rehabilitation of West Lunga National Park citing defective contractual documents between Africa Parks and ZAWA. Never mind that the documents in question were a carbon copy of the agreements between the two organisations on Liuwa National Park and later Bangweulu wetlands. This woman and her govt did not want to admit that all they wanted was to preserve West Lunga as a hunting sports ground for the Zambian hunting associations and their friends in America and Europe.

  2. I am forever saddened by the lack of governance in both Zambia and Tanzania and the lack of control measure in illegal wildlife trade. The politicians are in it and they are to be held accountable for this barbaric act. China is seriously a devil and a snake in green grass. dont trust them as they have an agenda which will play on your ignorance and before you know it they have ripped your country's resources and depleted. When are we going to wake up? christ! it is sickening to hear how these politicians talk the talk but cant walk the walk.


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